The rehabilitation and upgrading works for the SS 534 ( National Road “Firmo- Sibari”) started on 5th November,2014.
This road is an important link between A3 (Salerno- Reggio Calabria) motorway and the national road that goes along the coast from Apulia to Calabria.
This highway is a key project for Southern Italy,a strategic North-South corridor of international and national relevance and main connection on a regional scale.


Lotti Ingegneria carried out the Detailed Engineering Design of the highway from October 2012 to October 2013.
This assignment was the result of the successful design and build bid summitted by the JV “Vidoni SpA – Grecale Consortium“, where Lotti was the designated consultant engineering company and gave an important contribution in order to reach the goal.
Lotti has developed several improvements and changes to the Final Design, obtaining a high score for the technical proposal that was an essential part of the bid.

The project envisages a dual carriageway with two lanes each side and a central reservation, for an overall length of 14km with, 5 split-level interchanges viaducts of up to 140m length,4 overpasses and 17 underpasses.


In addition to the design of the main alignment the project involves the upgrade of the interfered roads, of both the provincial and the local road network, for a total length of about 11 500 m.
The upgrading of the local roads is necessary to ensure access to all areas and properties located close to the intervention and acts as a collector-distributor road for local traffic.


The infrastructure crosses at several points the existing stream network, overpassing it with bridges ,viaducts orsimple hydraulic culverts -both new and in extension.
In case of extension, in order to allow the correct positioning and proper sealing of the junction, the element of connection between the existent and the new culvert will be realized in site.

Particular attention was paid to the design of the new viaduct over the Coscile river.
It is important to underline the introduction of mattress type Mateco: an innovation in the field of Naturalistic Engineering techniques in hydraulics projects; an innovative technical application compared to traditional techniques, especially in terms of the environmental aspects and reduction of borrowed materials.

Great attention was taken in designing for the landscape and environmental mitigation of the works.
Lotti assessed the impacts and find out a series of mitigation measures for the proposed highway corridor:

  • hydroseeding or Prati Armati® (used to contrast erosion on slopes) in according to the gradient,
  • environmental arrangement both along the road, in landlocked areas of the interchanges and roundabout along the central reserve,
  • wildlife crossings, and more…




The river mitigation design has favored the protection and consolidation of existing vegetation components.

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