At the beginning of January 2015 has been submitted to the Consorzio di Bonifica Centro the final design of the stabilization works of some unstable areas along the slopes of the reservoir of the Penne dam on the Tavo river. (Abruzzo,ITALY)


The instability cover three distinct spots of the reservoir, two on the right bank and one in left bank plus a fourth intervention for the structural rehabilitation of foundations and the replacement of finishing elements of the small bridge located along the road that goes around the lake on the left bank over the Fonte Murata tributary.

Each stabilization work was specifically addressed, following a series of inspections, topographical and geological surveys.




On the right bank the design includes, as main interventions, the reprofiling of the upstream side of the slope, the realization of a consolidation by
soil- nailing and finally the placement of a geocomposite consisting of metal net coupled to geomat.

Always on the right bank, on a nearby spot , the stability requirements are not met, therefore the design includes the reprofiling of the upstream side
of the slope, the construction of two lines of green gabions at the base and a bulkhead of sheetpiles in correspondence of the first line of gabions.


On the left bank the intervention is aimed at protecting a stretch of the slope vulnerable to erosion (caused by the uncontrolled runoff of rainwater). The design includes, inter alia, the laying of a corrugated slow-flow pipe along the line of maximum slope to reduce the speed of the water flow towards the lake. To reduce erosion at the outlet of the pipe, it is also proposed to place Reno type mattresses.

For the fourth intervention, the design includes the structural consolidation of the foundations of the bridge, now deteriorated due to the effect of the long-term scour caused by the water flow of the Fonte Nuova tributary that runs through it.
The consolidation envisages micro piles in addition to the existing shallow fondation. It was also planned to replace the finishing elements of the bridge.

The amount of the proposed works is approximately 6.5 million euro.

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