With the site visit carried out in the month of September 2015, the activities related to the Renewal and Refurbishing of "Block 14" of former Military Hospital "LORENZO BONOMO" of Bari have started.

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Lotti Ingegneria, in JV with Saarch, is in charge of the Main and Detailed Design. The Contracting Authority is the State Property Agency (Agenzia del Demanio).

The project will be carried out with the BIM process, allowing to enhance collaboration between specialists, being able to communicate, without loss of quality, with colleagues and partners the project and all the data present in it.7822 23

The property is part of a former military hospital complex now abandoned, and has been declared of historic and artistic interest, recently underwenting a constraint by Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism (MIBAC); it is therefore governed by provisions for protection, and the design must be submitted to the approval of the Cultural Heritage Superintendent.

D8C 7838b webThe project is attributed to the engineer Ettore Bianco and dated 1935-36. The work was accomplished and probably opened in 1939. The complex is part of an architectural tradition of the Fascist decades, resulting "inspired by a rational architecture, with simple balance, unostentatious decoration, and a structure soberly practical but distinct". An architectural element that stands out is the volume of the spiral staircase located in the middle of the building, which creates a distinct feature on external volumes and defines the interior spaces. Albeit remodeled (with the replacement of windows and the addition of the inner parapets), is still a highly expressive element. On the external façade, a fine base in bush-hammered limestone and a subtle play of boxes around the openings add elegance and order to a linear and austere façade.

Historical research will be oriented to have a clear picture of the events concerning the factory and confirmation of the construction techniques and materials of which it is composed, in order to operate consciously both architectural design choices and preservation measures. Block 14 will be devoted to offices of public administration: the Regional Accounting Office (RTS), and the Office of Penal External Execution (UEPE) of the Ministry of Justice.

The building has a total surface of 6,000 sqm divided into five levels of about 1,200 sqm per floor. The RTS and UEPE have need of respectively 173 and 50 units, for a total of 223 units, in addition to a clear need to have spaces for storage and archives, and outdoor areas for parking.UEPE in particular, because of the sensitivity of the tasks performed needs to take advantage of a direct external access and equipment designed according control requirements dictated by internal procedures.

The estimated value of the works is approximately EUR 4.5 million