2017 03 Abbanoa 150

Cagliari,Italy- February 2017
In February 2017, Lotti Ingegneria, lead company of the joint venture established with Consorzio Leonardo and CGM, was awarded the contract for the preliminary and final design and safety coordination during the design phase for the project “Reorganisation of the drinking water supply in the Greater Cagliari Area” in Sardinia. Consorzio Leonardo will participate with the respective companies Tecnolav S.r.l. (Cagliari) and Ingegneri Riuniti S.p.a. (Modena).

The purpose of the design activities is to completely redevelop the water supply system in the Greater Cagliari Area, in order to rationalise the production plant, optimise the water supply sources and maintain the operating levels of drinking water over the long term. The main towns involved are Cagliari, Quartu Sant’Elena, Assemini, Elmas, Capoterra, Pula, Villasimius and many others.
In December 2014, the regional authorities approved the replanning of resources, including all the interventions in the drinking water sector for a total amount of over Euro 75 mln, refinanced with CIPE Resolution No. 21/2014. The amount of the works planned for the design activities undertaken by Lotti Ingegneria totals Euro 19 mln.
The design will regard numerous measures briefly described below.
First of all we can cite the complete replacement of the Campidano water supply pipe with NPS 700 in reinforced concrete, laid in the 1950s and in an advanced state of structural deterioration. The works include the dismantling of the existing surge tanks and the restoration of the connections with existing branches for the towns of Donori, Ussana and Dolianova.
This will be followed by the necessary measures for interconnecting the supply pipes of the Greater Cagliari Area and the rehabilitation of the unused stretches of Sestu Maracalagonis-Corongiu, in order to rationalise the water production system, with the closing of the Sestu and Corongiu purification plants and the economic and quality optimisation of the Simbirizzi and San Michele water production. The Simbirizzi plant will undergo extraordinary maintenance of the treatment lines in order to restore the planned levels of water purification.
Subsequently, the measures to enable the exploitation of the raw water produced at the Corongiu dams for drinking and hydroelectric purposes will be identified. The production of a detailed hydrogeological study of the Corongiu reservoirs to determine the possible operational scenarios of the plant and the best diameter for the new Corongiu-Simbrizzi bypass pipe will also be an essential part of the project.
Finally, a strategy will be identified drawn up to ensure the efficiency of the water supply networks, with the identification of the town and network sectors deemed to have priority, as well as determining the most effective measures to reach the goal of water loss reduction and the improvement of potability characteristics in the system.