2017 04 calabria

Calabria,Italy- March 2017
In March 2017 Lotti, as leading firm of JV with contractors, has been awarded the following contracts from Regional government of Calabria, in particular:
- Rehabilitation of Reggio Calabria city Water distribution Network, Lotti leader in JV with S.I.L.E.M. srl and Arcan srl;
- Rehabilitation of Cosenza city Water distribution Network, Lotti leader in JV with S.I.L.E.M. srl and Scutieri costruzioni srl
for a total duration of 18 months. The starting date was 25th May.

Because of the scarce water resources availability for municipal water supply, the reduction of physical water loss is of vital importance for ensuring that water supply meets the demand. The contract includes a mixture of engineering services and rehabilitation works. The water facilities rehabilitation program focuses on reducing these losses through network optimization, i.e. hydraulic modelling, zoning and restructuring, pressure management, network rehabilitation and leak detection/ repair. Reduction of water losses contributes to the target of reducing specific operational costs, as a higher percentage of the water produced will then reach the consumers and generate higher revenues. The services include the water supply network mapping, the planning and detailed design of water districts (DMA) and of monitoring stations, the calculation of performance indicators of water losses, the planning and detailed design of works for restructuring and renovation of the distribution networks. Both Projects are co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund of the Regional Operational Program of Calabria PLANNING POR FESR 2014-2020.