C305 ABBANOA 1000

In July 2018, Lotti Ingegneria, as a leader of the Joint Venture with W.E.E. Water Environmental Energy S.r.l. based in Napoli, was awarded for the contract: “Specialist Technical Services aimed at improving the hydraulic, energy and engineering management efficiency of the water distribution networks of 30 municipalities in Sardinia region having a high rate of Non-Revenue Water (NRW), divided in three lots.” The client is ABBANOA SpA – Sole Services Provider for the water and waste water sectors.
In particular Lotti was awarded for Lot B. The Municipalities included in this lot are those listed as follows: Iglesias, Siniscola, Bosa, San Teodoro, Nuoro, Oristano, Budoni, Orosei, Macomer, Terralba, Cabras e Carbonia located in various Sardinian provinces.

The objective of the assignment is to provide specialist technical services (including field activities) aimed at identifying standard procedures, measures, technical solutions in order to improve the efficiency of the water distribution networks and at reducing NRW by implementing management and structural interventions. The project tasks will be carried out by Lotti in the project area and along the hydraulic infrastructures located in the 12 municipalities mentioned above. The project activities will be performed in the whole water distribution networks, contained between the water storage reservoir/reservoirs and the household connections, including all the hydraulic, electromechanical and SCADA equipment, functional to the correct operation of the system.

According to some recent studies, the percentage of NRW components out of the total water resource volume input, for most of the municipalities, are equivalent to 60%. The condition of the water pipelines in Sardinia is very critical. Due to this situation, this project has a considerable and significant importance in order to achieve an effective NRW reduction and to start an overall rehabilitation process for the water distribution networks. The total financial resources allocated for the whole program are 68 million of Euro financed by ADIS (Agenzia del Distretto Idrografico della Sardegna) in addition to 30 million of Euro funded by the Ministry of Environment of Sardinian region allocated for 40 municipalities, as a start-up project.

The tasks to be carried out by Lotti Ingegneria consist at the initial stage in performing site visits aimed at collecting data and information on the existing situation, the critical issues and malfunctions of the equipment. Since the implementation of this first activity, it would be possible providing the first recommendations for priority actions and interventions. It was taken into account the performance of two campaigns for measurements of some hydraulic parameters, such as flow rate and pressure. The measurements, before and after interventions, will have the objective of evaluating the NRW reduction obtained by determining the value of the total physical losses (UNL – Utility night leakage). The actions will include the detection of hidden losses in the whole water distribution network through electroacoustic systems, interventions for maintenance and leak repairs such as replacements of damaged pipelines and enhancement of engineering management for medium and long term, such as identification of DMAs by hydraulic modelling. Furthermore, Lotti will prepare and submit several documents and Standard Operation Procedures (SOP), such as Management Plans, Emergency Plans, Operational and Maintenance Manuals and guidelines for structural interventions having significant importance (e.g. new water storage reservoirs, considerable water pipelines replacement, reconfiguration of water distribution network, etc.).