On 9th of November 2018 Lotti Ingegneria, has signed with KCCA ( Kampala Capital City Autority) two service contracts aimed at providing consultancy services for design review and supervision of works for construction and upgrade of some roads and junctions of Kampala City, the capital and largest city of Uganda.
The Projects ares financed by the World Bank (WB)

The overall Objective of both the Projects is to enhance city infrastructure to improve urban mobility.


Kampala has a total road network of 2,110km of which 575km (27.3%) are paved roads and 1,535km (72.7%) are unpaved roads. A significant portion of the unpaved network is heavily trafficked with over 300 vehicles per day. With the ever increasing traffic volumes it is becoming very expensive and unsustainable to maintain them in unpaved state. Localized repairs have become extremely expensive and uneconomical with roads breaking up in a short time after routine repairs.
Traffic congestion in the city is fast growing due to a combination of poor road network, uncontrolled junctions, and insufficient roads capacity which is out of phase with the increasing traffic (vehicular and pedestrian) on Kampala roads. This congestion results into higher vehicle operating costs, long travel times and poor transport services. The overall city aesthetics and quality of life is highly compromised by the dilapidated paved roads and sidewalks, unpaved shoulders and unpaved roads which are sources of mud and dust that hovers over large sections of the City.

The main features of the first Contract are: upgrading to paved of 5.52 km of roads, reconstruction and dualling of 4.25 km of roads including signalization of 10 junctions in Nakawa and Central Divisions.


The main features of the second Contract are: upgrading to paved of 8,5 Km of roads, of Kabuusu-Kitebi Bunamwaya link and recycle and overlay of 7,8 Km of roads including signalization of 1 Junction of Lukuli Road in Makindye Division.

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Project activities are expected to start on December 2018 and each assignment will be carried out over a period of thirty 30 months including a 12 months defects liability period.