The optimism of the will

In the wake of the positive personal achievements of Carlo Lotti, as Technical Director of the company Cidonio (railway Naples-Piedimonte d'Alife, Casoli dam and Recentino tunnel in Terni), in April 1957 the "Studio di Ingegneria" (Engineering Consultants) that bears his name was founded, soon evolved into "Studio Associato" (Associated Consultants)

Within a few years, the "Studio" designs and follows the construction of a large number of important hydraulic works:
• Monguelfo dam on the Rienza river (South Tyrol)
• Tenarda dam (above Sanremo),
• Tarsia dam on the Crati river,
• Pertusillo dam, on Agri river, in Basilicata

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“1946, the first year without war. It was not easy then to look around and go forward. But the will prevailed: to reconstruct, redo and be reborn. In 1950, finally, the great opportunity: the dam of S. Giuliano, the most important project planned in the South. The misery of the people, the desolation of the places, the complexity of the problems: it was a constant struggle, which I tried to respond with the enthusiasm of my thirty years“
[Carlo Lotti]

The Studio goes abroad

A long series of projects abroad started in these years:

  • a huge project to irrigate 50.000 hectares on the banks of the Nile
  • a study on the Logone River, which flows in Cameroon and Chad
  • the Sélingué dam on the river Sankarani, in the basin of the Niger, Mali
  • the study for the regulation of the Sava River in former Yugoslavia

Several other studies and projects (in Peru, Myanmar, Saudi Arabia, Ecuador, ...) date from this decade

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“At the end of the 50s a season of collaboration began with Italconsult, the consulting firm founded with the auspices of Fiat. They were busy years for the continuous confrontation with foreign authorities on one hand and contracting companies on the other. This effort consolidated our ability to be "designers" but also able to identify with the "constructors": a capability that has always been a specific feature of us”
[Carlo Lotti]

New decade new life

The studies for the UN, as well as the collaboration with Italconsult were consolidated, enriched by new opportunities in new countries.
Very fruitful relationships were initiated in those years with China: in 1971 Carlo Lotti is part of the first official mission of the Italian government after the resumption of diplomatic relations. The initiatives and academic contacts that followed were to be finally fruitful in the next decade.

Always in the '70s the construction company Snamprogetti became a shareholder of our company, initiating a collaboration that lasted thirty years.
In 1977, Carlo Lotti was awarded the Knightly Order of Merit for Labour.

Amongst the most important projects of these years there is the large dam of Bakolori in Nigeria (capacity of 450 million cubic meters).

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“The '70s were years of great change for us. The change in S.p.A. (public limited company) and the change of the head office were just the visible manifestation of a large growth in Italy and abroad, which had led to reach 200 units of staff.“

Cooperate means to integrate

When operating at "village level" (wells for water, small irrigation, small lakes) there is the need to find formulas of execution of the works able to respect the need to "cooperate", i.e. to "work together", integrating with the local forces, and leaving to the recipient country means and trained personnel for the management of the constructed works. This experience forged our ability to deliver viable, bearable and equitable projects, and our commitment to support sustainability of a project and to promote extensive engagement of local populations, respecting and acknowledging the identity of the place we work. From these years also came important works such as the Nacaome dam and the Conception dam, both in Honduras

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“The 80s were characterized by cooperation efforts in three countries: Mali, Morocco, Ecuador.“

High speed railways

The design of the new high-speed railway lines has been the most important project undertaken in Italy in the decade. Lotti Ingegneria designed the alignment of all of the 215 km of the Milan-Bologna trunk, on behalf of Snamprogetti - that still had a share of the company - entrusted with the construction works of the trunk. Meanwhile, work abroad went on: the Conception dam in Honduras won the Ingersoll-Rand award, reserved for the best project designed and built abroad by Italian companies.

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“In the '90s, the idea of high-speed trains made his way in Italy“

A long journey

In 2007 we have celebrated 50 years of successful business, having grown from a small engineering consultancy to an important and respected firm operating world-wide. Today, we bring our experience, capability and commitment to the new challenges that the modern world is facing. For us, the signature project of this new millennium is the MOSE Project (integrated defense system to safeguard Venice and its lagoon from the high waters), an epitome of advanced engineering, research, environmental protection, heritage conservation, land management.

“Lotti Ingegneria has been a pioneering force in the rebirth of Italy after the war, and in the development and progress of many countries in the Middle and Far East, Africa and Latin America.“