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Client Regione Autonoma della sardegna - Assessorato LL.PP.
Services provided Preliminary design ,Final design, Detailed design, Environmental Impact Study, Supervision of work
Period of execution 05/1997-01/2005
Construction cost € 14,441,196.00

8.5 km of roads
324 m of double deck viaduct
143 m of single deck viaduct


The urban interchance "Is Pontis Paris" is one of the most important and complex interventions in a urban road system made in recent years in Italy, considering that the project involved the territory of five municipalities and it has radically transformed a key traffic junction connecting Cagliari with its close hinterland, with clear benefits for road circulation, solving once and for all a complex series of signalized at-grade intersections that were constantly congested.
The new junction grade separates traffic flows in the main direction and includes a large roundabout at ground level for all other maneuvers.


The major constraints, beyond proper transport issues - which have been carefully assessed, due to the high traffic volumes - are related to the sustainability of the project, owing to the nearby presence of urbanized areas and a site of outstanding natural beauty and importance: the regional natural park Molentargius-Saline.
The maximum possible outcome in terms of balance between architectural value, technical performance and good environmental integration has been hence sought, while seeking to achieve the greatest possible transparency.
The structural solution for the viaducts is to have a continuous deck made of prestressed reinforced concrete. This lead to a very low deck height/span ratio and to slender and elegant piers without dosseret.
In particular, the issue of the protection of birds (including pink flamingos) present in the Molentargius pond has been moreover investigated. A suitable and adequate thickening of the already present vegetation barrier, with visual and acoustic shielding function, had been designed, and particular care has been put to limit noise and light nuisance. Acoustic noise has been reduced via elimination of the joints, which has additional advantages in term of driving comfort and reduction of maintenance operations. Noise barriers, provided for the same purpose, have been chosen in transparent PMMA as not to interrupt the continuity of the visual landscape.
The realization of the junction has been particularly complex, not only for the technical aspects related to the construction of works, but also because of the constraints related to existing traffic. The requirement to constantly ensure the operation of all traffic flows during the entire construction period required temporary road systems designed and constructed so as not to give appreciable inconveniences to the circulation, in particular for public transport.


  • Preliminary design
  • Final design
  • Detailed design
  • Environmental Impact Study
  • Supervision of work

Other services provided:
Traffic surveys, Environmental integration study, analysis of investment profitability, Plan and supervision of works for carrying out geotechnical and geognostic surveys, Maintenance plan.