Detailed design of Firmo-Sibari highway has been approved

2013-10-28 C293 FIRMOCalabria (Italy)- October 28th, 2013
The detailed design for the NR 534 upgrading, starting from the junction of Firmo on the new A3 to the new junction of Sibari between the NR 534 and NR 106, was approved by ANAS SpA on October 28th, 2013.

Lotti Ingegneria S.p.A. participated in the integrated tender in his quality of consulting engineering company designated by the Joint Temporary Association of Contractors formed by “Vidoni SpA – Grecale Consortium“ that has been consequently awarded.
The project foresees a layout in upgrading of 14.1 km in which are included 5 split-level interchanges.The section type is the expected type B (solution 2+2 lanes) with a total width measuring 23,00 m between the two roadsides.
Three viaducts having 140m maximum length, 4 overpasses, 17 underpasses and numerous hydraulic culverts -both new and in extension- were also designed.
Moreover, the river Coscile hydraulic control works have been studied together with the green arrangements, the acoustic mitigation and the upgrading of the interfered roads network (both provincial and local roads).