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BOFSUW Plant in Salerno

Country Italy-Campania
Client Comune di Salerno
Services provided Final design; detailed design; supervision of works and safety coordination during construction
Period of execution 2007 – 2011
Construction cost € 20,765,408.47

Maximum treatment capacity: 40,000 t/year
Installed power capacity of co-generation plant: 0.5 MWe
Installed power capacity of photovoltaic plant: 515 kWp


The Salerno Municipality Administration, in accordance with national and regional regulations that identifies the use of waste as a means to generate energy, decided to build a plant in their city for final treatment of the Biodegradable Organic Fraction of Solid Urban Waste (BOFSUW), which allows also for the damp fraction of the waste, to implement energy exploitation of such flows.
The plant of exploitation of the BOFSUW of Salerno is the first one of this type realized in Campania and one among the few existing in the south of Italy. It plays a role of fundamental importance in the chain of the industrial cycle of the refusals: in fact, considering that the organic wastes of urban solid refusals constitute, on average about 30% in weight of the refusal, their use -to the goals of production of a compost of quality to be destined to the re-use in agriculture- it significantly reduces the dependence from the dump and the problems to it correlated.


The project for the construction of a plant for enhancement of the OFMSW was initiated in the early 2000s by the Municipality of Salerno, with remarkable foresight, could see, in the management and disposal of waste, what would become an articulate and long-standing problem for the Campania Region; subsequently, with the decision to proceed without delay to its realization, funded by POR-FESR (Regional Operative Program-European Regional Development Fund) of Campania Regional Authority, it succeeded in the intent to transform the problem into a resource, both from the point of view of eco-sustainability and from that of energy savings.
The plant, completed in 2010, is authorized to treat 30,000 t/year (even if it has been designed to make forehead to a maximum ability of treatment of 40,000 t/year) and it is able to annually produce 3,000,000 kWh from the use of the biogas in cogeneration and the same obtainable by the photovoltaic panels installed on most part of the surface of available coverage.
The performance characteristics together with the architectural choices (covers laminated wood, semi-opaque polycarbonate infill and bright colors) and the eco-friendly solutions included in the project (almost total elimination of odor emissions through structures operating in depression, scrubbers air purification and bio-filters), make this system worthy of note.
The composting plant of Salerno was inserted by the European Union within the category of best practice for using the community funds for design quality, technological solutions and operational capacity. The prestigious recognition became official on January 3rd, 2013 - by affixing a plate - during a visit to the plant by the Italian Minister for Territorial Cohesion Mr. Federico Barca accompanied by the Mayor of Salerno Mr. Vincenzo De Luca. Present the President of the Campania Region, Mr. Stefano Caldoro.


Provided in collaboration with Martino Associati a.r.l. / Ing. A.Buonomo (IT)

  • Final design
  • Detailed design
  • Supervision of works
  • Misura e contabilità lavori
  • Safety coordination during the execution of the works

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