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Country GUATEMALA, Solola District
Client Ministerio Desarrollo Urbano y Rural
(Ministry of Rural and Urban Development)
Financing E.E.C.
Services provided Technical Assistance
Period of execution 02/1990 – 06/1998
Construction cost € 4,295,000.00

130 ha small irrigation
220 ha reforestation and soil conservation
17 km new roads
37 km roads rehabilitation
4,300 latrines
5 km sewers systems
3 purification plants (33,000 inhabitants served)
water kiosk for 8 community


The project concerns a series of works to be implemented in the region of Lake Atitlàn, spontaneously proposed by groups of inhabitants, after considering their feasibility, economic features and suitability according to the project aiming to improve the socio-economic conditions of small farmers and, at the same time, protect the environment that is the most adversely affected in the basin.
Particularly, the objectives fixed by the project have concerned:

  • the environment protection by using measures against water pollution and soil erosion, also by means of carrying out major reforestation works, all this by preserving basin tourist characteristics;
  • put groups chosen by the project in the condition to autonomously manage micro-projects, so as to lay down the basis for an autonomous follow-up;
  • control seasonal and permanent migration towards coastal areas;
  • make a project pattern usable to other highlands regions;
  • increase agricultural sector productivity and profits;
  • diversify agricultural production for nutrition and employment purposes;
  • implementation of basic infrastructures in road communications, public health and environmental restoration.


The technical assistance was made by the site presence of experts in hydraulic works, infrastructure, in rural credit, in the treatment of solid waste, agronomy and sanitary engineering, who worked very closely with the local population. They carried out tasks for:

  • the definition of all studies necessary to have a useful overview to the enhancement of the cultural values of indigenous peoples;
  • put groups chosen by the project in the condition to autonomously manage micro-projects, so as to lay down the basis for an autonomous follow-up;
  • assistance in the implementation of road infrastructures, works for the sewage purification and waste disposal, small works for water supply systems;
  • assistance to reforestation, through the identification and implementation of specific micro-projects on priority areas and through the provision, organization and management of machinery and local workers;
  • creation of nurseries for the production of plants of the species appropriate to cultivate.


Technical assistance to groups of farmers including:

  • teaching techniques for modernizing and improving farming methods by means of demonstration parcels in some fincas (small farms) owned by the beneficiaries;
  • traditional crops diversification and proper use of fertilizers and natural manure;
  • construction of small irrigation works;
  • organization and setting up of short and medium-term credits;
  • assistance to product marketing at a local level;
  • assistance to soil conservation.