2014-05 F292A ARMENIA 150Armenia- May, 2014
Lotti Ingegneria has been awarded by the European Investment Bank (EIB) with the Technical Assistance operation for “Feasibility Study, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Detailed Engineering Design” of the rehabilitation of M6 road in Armenia from the city of Alaverdi to Georgian border.
The existing two-lane paved road from Vanadzor to the Georgian border, passing through Alaverdi, is situated along the valley of the Debed river. The total length of the road section is about 92 km.

Its tortuous alignment, constrained by the Debed river itself and the railway line directed to Georgia, is unsafe and insufficient for long-term transit traffic.
Along the existing road there are 13 bridges and 3 tunnels that shown evident and serious signs of deterioration and will need repair or reconstruction.

Armenia, a landlocked country, has an economy that depends on transport and cross-border access (however, only two international borders are open: Georgia and Iran).
The ports on the Black Sea, accessed through Georgia, provide one of the major access routes for this traffic. The Government is now giving priority to the rehabilitation of transport infrastructure and the proposed project is meant to promote economic development and support transit traffic.

The Technical Assistance started on March 2014 and is expected to last one year.